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We have a proven track record of producing thousands of publications through writing, editing, designing, and publishing. Many of the published works we've done for customers have garnered attention in the literary world and are now great sellers.

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At Ebook, we are the biggest fans of storytellers. Whether it's a story about your life, a work of fiction, or a piece of history, we turn your idea into a carefully written and published book.

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    Copyrights All of the copyrights for your original work are given to you, so you own it completely.

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    A lot of research was done to make sure your content met your standards.

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Our team of professional eBook writers conducts in-depth research using primary and secondary sources to gather all the material they require to put it together into a stunning eBook.

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Please provide your details by filling out the form at the top of the page. Our helpful support staff will give you a call to talk about your needs, such as the topic of your publication, the inspiration for this one, personal details, the sources you used, the word count you required, and more.




Using the details you provided in the first step, we'll assign your ghostwriting project to the most qualified member of our expert team. The ghostwriter then uses this information to outline each chapter. As soon as the outline is approved, the ghostwriting team will get to work on the actual writing.




Writing allows you to communicate on your own schedule, which speeds up the process. You've already been given access to the sources you need, and an outline and topic have been sent over for review. Each chapter must be approved because alterations affect the flow of your book.



Editing &

After the writing part is done, the book is sent to an editor. The editor spends a lot of time on the text, going through it word by word to make sure it's perfect. After it has been edited, it will need to be proofread so that it is ready to be published.



& Designing

The final version is sent to the publishing department, which formats, types, and designs the inside pages to make a book out of the text document. Two graphic artists work on the book cover at the same time. It is also made sure that the requirements of the publishing platform are met.



Publishing &

Once your text has been made into a full-fledged ebook with front and back matter, formatting, cover design, and all the bells and whistles, we publish it. If you choose, we will continue to sell and promote your book through other means after it has been published.

Our Testimonials

An extremely innovative and perceptive piece, which helped me make sense of my own ramblings. I appreciated the extra effort put in, and how my characters felt more real. The writer got back to me quickly and was flexible with my last-minute changes. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. You have my gratitude. You should definitely check it out.


Joseph Boucher

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

My thanks to the ghostwriter I hired for this rare review. Everything went smoothly, from the initial writer selection to the final submission of my book. I appreciated his interest in and care for my story. You've added a very human dimension to the story, and I appreciate it. Quick to respond to any questions or concerns. Most things have met or exceeded my high standards for quality. Excellent job!


Annabell Ison

#1-ranked agent on Publishers Marketplace

When you need a ghostwriter for your next book, look no further than this excellent website. I thought hiring a book ghostwriter would be a time-consuming process, but to my delight, I received my finished manuscript very quickly. Excellent job, everyone! The author seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. Wonderful. They also built my website. Gratitude to you, sir.


Moore W.

Authors include Rachel Hollis, Tilman Fertitta, and John C Maxwell

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