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How To Advertise Ghostwriting Services


Ghostwriting services forego the benefits of a byline and increased Google rankings in exchange for anonymity.

As a ghostwriter, you don't have to worry about whether or not your name appears on the work, so you're free to explore lucrative but unsavory subject matter, write about controversial issues without fear that your kid's kindergarten teacher will stumble across it, and get more done in less time because good enough is good enough.

Yet, for other financial gains, one should have some tangible reward for their efforts. You're likely interested in finding additional ghostwriting opportunities in your field. Or you used ghostwriting to break into an area, but now you want to be recognized for your contributions.

But, can you legally include ghostwritten pieces on your resume/CV/etc.? Do you have any way to display that work?

Both yes and no may be true at the same time. It's unclear how to gain notoriety for your ghostwriting without offending your customers, but there are strategies to do so.

The Various Forms of Ghostwriting

Knowing the three possible bylines for professional ghostwriting services USA can help you determine whether or not to market it.

  • No byline, brand name, or "Staff" exists on the published piece.

  • Although the article is attributed to a particular first and last name, the author is a fictitious character created to put a human face on the firm; they may even have a whole (fictional) background.

  • Someone else's name appears on the byline, and the author benefits professionally from having their name attached to the work.

  • You should feel confident taking on any of these conditions after you've made the decision to ghostwrite.

As an added bonus, ghostwriting may be quite lucrative. While pay-per-word and project rates remain the same, an increase in possibilities is possible because of the huge demand for ghostwriters among businesses.

How to Get the Word Out About Ghostwritten Content

Whether you ghostwrite for a client, you must carefully consider how and if you should promote the finished product. Take what you need from the following and adapt it to your situation.

These suggestions are based on the assumption that you have not signed any agreements prohibiting you from claiming ownership of the work. You must abide by any restrictions placed on your use or promotion of the work.

Any Company Or Individual For Whom You Have Written May Typically Be Promoted.

Even if you ghostwrite the content, you shouldn't have to hide who pays you. Simply mentioning your previous employment does not reveal your specific duties.

You need not reveal the fact that you authored their pieces. The company could have used your assistance in creating email templates and website content. You helped them out as a consultant in the beginning. Leave it up to conjecture.

The important thing is that you put your talents to use for a client you can feel good about. Include them in your online portfolio or website.

Include Some Ghostwritten Pieces In Your Own Portfolio.

In a perfect world, you would keep a spreadsheet updated with all of your accomplishments. Articles authored by ghostwriters need to be included. Using ghostwriting samples in negotiations with clients is acceptable and even encouraged.

Early in my career, I spent time writing for content mills. Those pieces were passable enough to warrant payment, but they hardly exemplify the highest standards of professional writing. Still, I kept them all so that if somebody ever asked whether I had written anything about [insert any subject here], I'd have something to dust up, polish, and submit as a sample. That's how I found myself immersed in the sub-segment of writing about expensive homes in France; 11 years later, I'm still going strong.

If the ghostwriting services are acceptable for public consumption, the URL to the online publication should be sent. Make sure to specify in the footnote that the work was ghostwritten and that another person's name appears on it. Please add bylined items and let them know that you have the original if they want to view it that way. When I'm offering three, I never submit more than one ghostwritten example to a prospective customer.

Transform a portion of a ghostwritten piece into a public sample of your writing

You should align yourself with reputable names in the industry. If you have a particular ghostwritten article that you believe will look well in your public portfolio, provide an excerpt instead of the whole thing. Keep the first three-quarters of the piece for your portfolio if the byline appears at the end.

The situation becomes more complex if the byline appears at the top of the page. Grab a screen grab of the text that starts below the byline, then slap your title and photo on top. A presentation of the article that is as similar as possible to its published form is desired.

This shouldn't be the case for every piece you ghostwrite for a client. Pick the three you like most and swap them out as you continue to write.

Do some ghost-promoting among your close friends.

There is no shame in advertising your ghostwriter services on your personal profiles. It's also possible to have someone see your work by sending them a message by text, email, or DM.

Due to the ambiguity, use caution. If most of your Facebook friends and family are not online at the same time, you may feel free to share whatever links you want (just don't make them public). However, if you use Twitter for networking purposes as well as your "personal" account, you should avoid sharing any links to your ghostwriting work.

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